Planning that special party for a little girls

Little girls grow up so fast these days, so making the most of their formative years and creating the kind of memories that last a lifetime is more important than ever. When it comes to planning a birthday party for a little girls, the choice can be quite daunting, but if you want to go with a theme that never goes out of fashion, think princess.

Every little girl dreams of being a fairy or a princess, or both, so what better way to celebrate her birthday than by letting her, and her friends, become fairies or princesses? The Party Fairy is a one stop shop to take care of all your party needs. With three levels of party according to age, you can be sure that the party girl will be over the moon on her special day.

For 4-8 years olds there is the Fairy Party, which consists of a fairy either coming to your home, or a pre-arranged venue, and entertaining up to 15 little ones and taking them through fairy training so they earn their wand. If you have more than 15 guests she will bring a fairy friend with her to ensure that everything runs smoothly and every fairy gets her training.

Also for those aged 4-8 there is the Princess Party, which is based around the premise of princess training. The princess who comes to the party will guide the would be princesses through the tasks and test their knowledge to make sure they pass the test and receive both their tiara and certificate at their graduation ceremony.

Every princess also receives a full, glittery princess makeover and prizes and party bags are also provided. Any little girl who loves anything to do with princesses will love this party, and what better way is there to treat your own little princess on her birthday?

Girls aged 8-12 who have already earned their wands and tiaras will want something altogether more sophisticated to suit their maturity, and the Makeover Party ticks all the boxes. Every girl has a celebrity she admires and aspires to, and the makeover transforms the birthday girl and her friends into their favourite celebrities.

This is a personalised service and the organiser should let the stylist know in advance which celebrities are required and guests should also bring a photo with them on the day. The makeover takes place using age appropriate hair and makeup, and at recent parties the likes of Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have been very popular.

To find out about princess pamper parties and find the answer to any question you may have about the Fairy Party simply go to the magical website and see what wonders await your special girl by getting the Party Fairy to organise the ultimate party for little girls, whatever the occasion. Organising a party can be very stressful for parents, and now there really is a party fairy to take care of everything for you.