Summer holiday sleepovers

As with many parents, I’m slightly apprehensive about the fast-approaching summer holidays. Unlike Easter and Christmas, the kids are free until September and this means my coffee mornings with the girls are quickly thrown out of the window and my daily routine must accommodate several new additions while my relaxing evenings are replaced by hyperactive sleepovers.

This brings to mind the complications we experienced last year – several teenagers in the one household and only the two beds. Thankfully we’ve learnt from our mistakes and now house a few sofa range, one of which sits in my son’s room and the other in the study. These certainly come in handy when the children decide to invite school friends to stay – both during and outside of term time.

Thankfully I’ve persuaded the kids to give me a little warning before they invite the entire class over as last summer we nearly ran out of food as well as beds! This year the cupboards are fully stocked with popcorn, nachos and ice cream. They are only allowed these treats after a substantial, healthy meal though. If it’s a nice evening, we’ll often light a BBQ and toast marshmallows for an extra treat.

When it rains, I find packing a picnic basket full of enticing treats allows us to take the party inside. My younger daughter prefers holding a tea party – for her last birthday, I bought her a set similar to my own and it’s certainly come in handy – she’ll often spend hours dishing out finger sandwich’s, cupcakes and warm juice.

Both the children and myself enjoy watching films, especially animations, so when they have friends around there are plenty DVDs for them to choose from. As well as watching an abundance of films, we’ll often play various games. My son has a chest at the end of his bed which is filled with every variant imaginable.

One of his favourite games is balloon volleyball; this is a great activity to play in the house and one that won’t damage the furnishings. We’ve had far too many incidents with the football in the past and I find balloons a much safer option.

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