Clay and Dough Kits

One thing that kids everywhere love to do is play with some sort of squeezable, mouldable substance, just watch any kid with a handful of mud.  It is a good thing that there are some excellent substitutes for water and just plain soil, and they come in every variety, including some that are good to eat.

Play-Doh is the best known of the child-oriented products on the market, though there are others that are quite similar.  The softer ‘dough’ is ideal for toddlers, as it is very pliable and easy to mould and shape with little hands.  Kits usually come with several different colours of dough, or they may have paints to be applied to a finished creation.

Modelling clay is a little harder to work with, but offers a tremendous range of possibilities in the form of permanent shapes such as cups, dishes and vases, as well as beads that can be made into all sorts of jewellery and other decorations.

Clay or dough kits allow kids to practice and create images that are only limited to the child’s imagination, then start over and create a new one.  Some kits include moulds for kids to use with colourful dough or clay, some with ideas and suggestions on how to make such appealing forms as ice cream treats or monsters; it all depends on the child and the mood.  One really nice bonus is that parents can have just as much fun as kids, and playing with this stuff is a relaxing way to spend some time together.

For older or more advanced modelling artists, many kits include rolling pins, scrapers, cutting twine and other tools for that creative ‘edge’.  You can get a real kiln designed for children, and they can bake their creations to last for a lifetime of practical use.