The cavemen started it, and crayons have brought it to kids, to the delight of both children and parents.  With the amazing variety and quality of crayons available these days, there are no limits to a child’s creativity and a parent’s enjoyment, since these little marvels are portable and versatile to an extent that makes for a happy experience for everybody involved.

Crayons are probably the easiest to use, safest and least messy of all the potential art materials available today.  Unlike paint or dye, they are easy to clean up; unlike pencils, there are no hard sharp points to worry about, and because they are so inexpensive almost any child can have unlimited access to the joys of drawing, colouring and doodling.

With all the great products on the market, parents and kids are spoiled for choice, but when looking for the best product for kids, the buyer should check out the different types and characteristics of the offerings out there.  For parents of toddlers, easy clean up will be a priority, as well as the size and weight of these artistic tools.  For older kids, the options may be more extensive, and variety is essential.

Though paper is the usual medium for drawing and writing with crayons, they can be applied to almost any surface, like walls, floors and fabric.  In this case, washable or erasable colours are indicated; manufacturers will specify if the product is easily removable from different materials.

Then there’s the option of colouring books included with a crayon kit, and here the choices vary as much as kids’ current interests.  You can go with a book of illustrations from a favourite cartoon or action figure, and outlined shapes of anything from garden vegetables to the latest craze for kids.  Fortunately, the kit-creators can have a new crayon kit on the market almost before the new craze is detected.