Knitting and Textile Design Kits

One great thing about knitting, weaving and sewing is that you can work with so many different materials.  Almost every kid loves making things with his or her own hands, and there is a wonderful range of colourful and touchable fabrics and yarns available to choose from, along with basic instructions that are easy for beginners to understand.

Knitting is a skill that is easy to master in its simplest forms, but there are hundreds of variations and details that can take a lifetime to learn.  Knitting kits for kids offer the basic materials to start with, and once the first steps are taken, there’s a whole world of enjoyment in store, not to mention the beautiful and practical clothing, accessories and decorative items that result.   Kids can begin with a basic square and go on to an elaborate, stunning and one-of-a-kind garment fit for royalty if that’s their inclination.

In addition to the glorious colours and textures of yarn for knitting, consider some of the other fabrics and textiles for use in creating anything from a cosy blanket to an innovative Halloween costume.  A material such as wool felt, for example, is very easy to work with since it doesn’t require hemming, and there are some marvellous kits that supply patterns kids can put together to make delightful costumes they’ll love to wear.

Remember, the list of things that can be made from different fabrics and textiles is endless.  Knitting and textile design kits for kids range from the very simple ‘starter’ kits to those with material and patterns for just about everything.  There are even kits available for kids to learn how to make ‘smart’ garments, after all this is the computer age, after all.  ‘Smart’ clothes and other items are going to be all the rage in the not-too-distant future; they incorporate interactive computer technology right in the fabric.