Paper and Sticker Kits

The list of fun and creative uses for paper in all its variations can never be completed, but if you are looking for a great gift idea for kids of any age, there is a wonderful assortment of possibilities available.  Kids love to create, and with the amazing selection of paper and sticker kits to choose from, you will just have to decide which one to start with.

From paper dolls with unlimited interchangeable wardrobes to paper airplanes that ‘soar like the eagle’, kids can make just about anything with one of the exciting kits on offer.

Here are just a few suggestions you may want to check out to get an idea of the fun in store, starting with something for the 3-year-old toddler in your life.  Crunching tissue paper is great fun, and when the kit comes with self-stick patterns and hundreds of tissue paper squares in rainbow colours, its art in the making.

Kids can make flowers of every description with easy instructions and pictures to guide them you can have bouquets all over the house.  Other paper folding and cutting kits show youngsters how to make the lovely Japanese origami and kirigami art that has been admired for centuries.  You can get kits with all the necessities for kids to make their own paper, or perhaps a sticker machine that lets them create unique stickers with the materials included.

One of the new ideas on the market now is stickers for walls.  Kids love to write on walls, but most parents don not encourage this practice for obvious reasons.  Now you can get washable, removable and reusable decals and stickers in every shape, for any purpose.  Instead of bulky old-fashioned chalkboards, kids can make their own pictures, messages and reminders, stick them on the bedroom door or wall and then remove and change them any time, which are especially great for school-age kids with their own ‘agendas’.